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Midsummer Day

Midsummer Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

In Sweden, Midsummer Day is celebrated during a weekend between June 20 and 26. Its origins are in the celebration of the summer solstice.

202422 JunSatMidsummer Day
202521 JunSatMidsummer Day
202620 JunSatMidsummer Day
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Sweden’s cities become deserted during The Midsummer weekend. Many people begin their yearly five-week vacation around Midsummer Day and head to the countryside.

Many people begin the day by weaving crowns of flowers to wear. People also make wreaths of flowers to adorn a maypole. People have been dancing around maypoles on Midsummer Day since the 16th century. Folk dances and ring dances around the maypole are part of the Midsummer Day festivities.

Singing is also part of a traditional Midsummer Day feast. People sing while they drink cold beer and spiced schnapps.

Midsummer is considered a romantic time of year, and many weddings take place. Girls pick flowers on their way home from Midsummer celebrations and put the flowers under their pillows to see if their future husbands will appear in their dreams.

Many people end their Midsummer Day festivities by stopping at an outdoor dance on the way home. Others take midnight swims.

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202324 JunSatMidsummer Day
202225 JunSatMidsummer Day