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Pentecost 2018 and 2019

Pentecost is a Christian holiday that is often referred to as Whit Sunday.

201820 MaySunWhit Sunday
20199 JunSunWhit Sunday
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Pentecost is a holiday representing the date when the Apostles were visited by the Holy Spirit and given the ability to go out and spread their message to the world. This celebration date changes each year because it is always 50 days after Easter Sunday.

This is a large celebration within the Christian community and is often seen as the founding day of Christianity.

Celebrating Pentecost In Sweden

In Sweden, Whit Sunday or Pentecost is generally celebrated starting on Saturday night. On that evening, a large meal is served in the home and families gather together to enjoy each other’s company.

On Pentecost, it is traditional to dress in red and attend church services in the morning. The red represents the flame of the Holy Spirit, and even the churches will be decorated in red on this day. After services, it is traditional to go out picnicking with the family. Pentecost often coincides with the beginning of warmer weather in Sweden; so many people celebrate this holiday outdoors.

It is the tradition of the church to perform confirmations and baptisms on this day. It has also become a very popular day to schedule a wedding, although there is no tradition associated with this date for marriages.

Many churches also conduct musicals and festivals to celebrate this date. Releasing red balloons with notes attached to them containing Bible verses has also gained in popularity. Many people serve red foods for lunch that date to honour Pentecost.

Whit Monday is a traditional day off from work in Sweden. Since the separation of the church from government duties in 2010, many government offices now remain open on Whit Monday. However, employers often still give this day off to employees or shut down for the day as a way to celebrate the good weather.

A New Trend On Pentecost

A new trend that has been emerging in Sweden over the last few years on Pentecost is the Jesus Manifestation event. This new event began in 2008 in Stockholm. Over 12,000 people gathered together to celebrate Pentecost. They believed that their gathering was a manifestation of Jesus and that by being together in such a large gathering, they could spread the word of Jesus like the Apostles.

The event has gathered so much momentum that by 2010 there were over 25,000 people in attendance. By 2012, the event became so huge that gatherings began to be planned in each of the major cities of Sweden so that more people could attend.

The Jesus Manifestation event usually begins on Pentecost Eve after eating and then continues through the entire next day. The event continues to expand each year with the hopes of expanding throughout Europe in the near future.